Sometimes I miss Nancy. And so I watch old Strongbad email*. It’s still going on, actually. I was surprised the website was not defunct. Defunkified.

It’s past its prime for sure, but when Strongbad advises to use scented candle names for compliments to give a girl, it warms my heart a little. And take notes.

*I realize if I miss Nancy I could call her, but it’s not the same. The phone is just not the same!!

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  1. Strong Bad cracks me up. I also like when he draws Trogdor or makes fun of anime.

  2. “Juniper Breeze”, is what your entrance seems like
    “Angel’s Whisper” about your beauty
    “Sparkling Snowflakes” shine in your eyes
    “Midsummer’s Night”‘s dream doesn’t hold a candle to you
    “Island Paradise”s are like lifeless deserts without you
    “Nutmeg” is flavorful and is a scent starting with N
    “Endless Love” is what this poem expresses

  3. Shakespear’d!

  4. I still say, “Time to check-a my e-mail!” like he does when I, um, sit down to check my email…

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