Yesterday we had Secret Santa and it went really well. It was nice to see how much thought went into the gifts and how people liked what they got. I mean, look at this face.

 I think if the United Nations did a Secret Santa, maybe the world would live in peace and harmony.

After that, Saurabh wanted to hang out, and since Evan hadn’t eaten lunch yet we decided to go to Milagro’s. The weird stinky smell at the front was gone! it made for an amazing dining experience.

We talked about monkeys and diseases, the CDC, which lead to a discussion on Ricky Gervais. mind you, I had only slept 1 hour since my ER shift due to the secret santa thing.

Me: I like that Ricky Gervais skit where he talks about animals. There’s a funny one on pur..pwo, purposes…purpose…propose…(looks at Gina desperately, with no response).…dolphin cousins.

Gina: Porpoises?

Me: Yes! That.

Gina: …Dolphin cousins?

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  1. I think Evan and I saw the skit in which he talked about porpoises tonight. Was it in his discussion of homosexuality in the animal kingdom?

  2. Yes. Those illustrations….

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