So much has changed in just 3 years. Remember when we were still doing discharge summaries on paper, and leaving them up on the viewbox like clothes on a line waiting to dry?  Some kids’ hospital stays were impossible to fit in a few lines, but if you tried to staple an extra sheet the clerk would throw it away. Patient care has gotten so much better. 

 Sometimes the papers would fall or get accidentally taken home. Once Aj had to rewrite mine during call. You could tell she wasn’t happy but did it as a favor to a friend. If she only knew how many more messes I would need rescuing from.

Once upon a time, Gina Bui was thinking about doing general peds. I think. It seems impossible now but I was pretty sure that was mentioned at some point.

3 years ago Paul Dasari and I looked at an abdominal xray and wondered why the poop looked  starry, only to learn that pepto bismol makes poop sparkle like that. Uday and I would sit in clinic to finish our notes on the day of, Azif had a mustache (then lost it) and I watched as Kyle Stewart fumbled trying to put a transpyloric in a kid, measuring backwards.

Three years ago I had no idea what a Minesh and a Joshi was.

Funny how time gets shorter the older we get. At the age of 9, 3 years would seem like forever. 3 years away from home? That was abandonment. Now it seems like a short sideline in the bigger story of things. It’s already time to be making my way back.

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  1. I’m still not sure what a Minesh or a Joshi are. Plants?

    • Correct. More specifically Gina, they are nuts.

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