I’m a grinch.

I mean, yeah I drink hot cocoa and eat peppermint sticks regularly the second Thanksgiving is over. I might sing holiday tunes and have a secret penchant for green and red, but …tonight I went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert and I…hated it.

I went with Aj and some of our former med students. As Aj described so well, it was too loud. Too bright. I think we got lasik eye surgery sitting there. I turned my face away from the lights and saw Aj squinting. “You look like you’re having fun” I said. “Well, so do you” was the reply.

  I just wanted to go home to watch Matlock and drink some Metamucil. The med studs, Victoria and Jessica, appeared to be rocking out. The girl next to me asked me how I was liking it. “I didn’t realize it would be so-” painful was the word that popped in my head, but I didn’t want to be rude. “so…rock and roll…” I said lamely. The girl was empathetic. “It’s a sensory overload.” “Is this what it’s like to be on ectasy?” I wondered. Vivian my cousin had told me about lots of pretty colors happening with ectasy. She also said it was like falling in love all the time, though. Unless wanting earplugs is akin to love, this was falling a little short.

The girl shrugged. “I wouldn’t know, but I’m not sure what was in those cookies we had either.”

About maybe 1/3 way into the concert, Aj started talking about Gardasil for boys. That’s how enthralled we were.  The baby behind us started to cry. I laughed, because it was just the perfect crescendo to the cacophony around us. And I felt mean, to be laughing at a crying baby. And that’s when I decided I was a grinch.

Went home and Saurabh sent me this link to cheer me up. It’s just a guy doing card tricks. I was bored at first  but he does the tricks so well it brings back the awe I felt as a kid. The kind that makes you think maybe magic can happen. Maybe Christmas can be magical again. The music isn’t loud (Sting’s Shape of my heart).And so it did cheer me up, weirdly. 


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  1. Oh my god, I know exactly what you mean! I went to one of their concerts with a friend in college, and I just couldn’t be into them. They did a little Christmas-themed show for the first half, which was actually put together rather well (but LOUD), but then they came back for the second half and played just random stuff. It was so . . . anticlimatic. (Or maybe -climactic. I get those mixed up.) I was bored out of my wits through the whole unnecessary second half.

    Oh, and one of the dudes from that group is the guy who did that program with the strings from Zoe’s school a few months back. The whole concert was so loud, you couldn’t hear the hordes of kids playing, which was supposed to be the point. We all thought it was lame.

    • You are the 1000th comment on this blog! Congratulations! This calls for some kind of celebration!

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