Harry Potter World recap

So this post was delayed, partially due to  a bout of walking pneumonia I shared with my dear intern Allyson, but also out of respect for my little sister, who was somewhat jealous.

Jennifer: I went on the interactive Harry Potter world tour online. I had a blast. So I don’t need you either!

But don’t feel bad for Jennifer guys. She’s the one who left me in a porn shop in Denmark by myself (I was in the shop because I needed computer access, and was desperate, and a little naive about why the computers were there).

Anyways! back to the Harry Potter trip, which was for Michelle’s 21st birthday. Gina and I were post call and we had like, 8 hours of flying time ahead of us.

At the airport, Michelle threw out her back. We all just heard a ‘ow!’ and turned to see Michelle hunched over, hand on her lower spine, looking as spritely as a newly turned 21 yr old should look. “Welcome to old age!” I said. And like any good doctor/adopted sister, I took out my iphone and recorded her. 

Michelle (weakly, to the camera): I’m turning 21, I just threw out my back, and I’m going to Harry Potter World.

We finally reach the hotel at around 9pm, and we’re starved at this point. We wish we’d rented a car, because while taxis are cheaper, freedom is priceless.

We settle in and Evan and Gina help me unfold the couch  bed. Evan then opens the curtains and the smell of urine from 50 diabetic cats permeates the room. We sniff around trying to find the source. Evan is sure it’s coming from the curtains. I pat the bed and we reailze it’s ..it’s from the bed no doubt. We wash our hands and call for a replacement. They take out the old mattress and return an hour later with a replacement. The replacement smells strongly of febreeze.

We have a dinner of pizza. I borrow Brian’s pajamas pants because I forgot mine. They’re black with flames at the cuff of the legs. They’re awesome.

At Harry Potter World we get our first taste of butterbeer, and it’s delicious. The foam is a nice touch. At the stores we check out the cloaks, the steins, and owls.  Brian points out to a 4 yr old  girl sitting on the ground “look, a street urchin!” But it was a just a kid who was waiting for her parents (hopefully not in vain). I wonder if anyone ever had the idea of hiding in the park and living there forever. They would grow up and people would just assume they were park employees who were really into their roles.

 We then go on the action ride, which is way scarier than I expected. Evan then wonders what other unexpectedly scary rides they could have. Like a hogwarts express train ride that suddenly ends with a Deatheaters-takeover and train wreck. 

Anna and Brian, being young and not having thrown out their backs like Michelle did, go on to the rollercoasters. The rest of us go back to the pub and drink more beer and butterbeer. And ate.

After picking out our wands (Michelle actually has hers fitted for her at Olivander’s) we head back to the candy store for some chocolate frogs and pumpkin juice. At e hotel we clean up and watch Harry Potter movies (just happened to be on TV! Fate!)  while sitting on the febreeze-smelling mattress. Just the way we wanted to end the day.

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