Had fun these past several weeks. Batoul’s mom was in town and cooked some of us  a delicious dinner, and I got all stabby about people taking my food away. Hari tells us about her love for sake. She says ‘sake’ in this voice that i would describe as ‘almost dreamily’.

I go visit Imran and his wife and baby. He excitedly picks up zane and hands him over to me like Zane was a loaf of bread. “Here you go!” Aj and I take turns holding the baby and telling him the positive things in life. Like how he’s going to have an awesome life because he has two great parents. Imran and Roma take out cookies for us to eat. Then they take out dates and cream. And then tehy decide why not and make a big dinner. Such good food. I think Zane is a great name.

Gina: I know I joke about naming my kid Frodo but

Me: Frodo is a great name.

Gina: No jasmine, it’s not.

So apparently I say things like this without meaning it sometimes. But seriously, Zane is a great name. It means beautiful.

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  1. sake could also be a good name. hey, if someone can name their kid kobe and not be questioned about it, why not?

    • would it be a girl or boy name?

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