Kimberly the lab manager and I want to sing Christmas songs for the kids this holiday season. Kim is part of the OU choir and was offered a spot in the university’s opera, so it won’t be pure torture for the kids.  I think we could pass out little stockings too.

We’re going to practice some songs during November I hope. I’ve also taken to learning the words/dance routine to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, just in case one of the patients requests it. I don’t want to disappoint.

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  1. You’ve just started learning the Bad Romance routine?

    Or, after performing it every morning for the past year as part of your waking up routine, you are overjoyed to have an excuse to get all Gaga for a live audience?

    I wonder…

    • Why do you ask questions you don’t really want to know the answers to, Evan?

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