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(after spending 14 hours running 2 PCRs with only blank gels in the end to show for it, Kim and I head home, dejectedly. A whole day has been wasted, and we know it only means more work, more tail clipping for the poor mice, tomorrow).

Me: All that work, for nothing.

Kim: I wouldn’t have minded staying late if it had actually worked.

me: I know.

Kim (brightly): At least we won’t have any traffic to deal with!

Me (looks out the window at the dark night and deserted streets.  Gives Kim a dirty look).

Kim: You were going to hit me, weren’t you.

Me: Yes.


Me: Ugh, all these birds in the parking lot.

Kim: Making your car pretty…

Me: They poop on your car.

Kim: It’s like confetti.

Me: Wha…omg, you so optimistic ALL the time!

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