Day 1

7am– I start my journey to Penn for my dear friends Nancy and Ilir’s wedding. I find said hole in pants. I fall over my luggage on the moving walkway thingy because I was too busy reading the menu on a hot dog stand and didn’t realize it ended. 

7pm– I reach State College’s airport. It’s small, and here you can see the scenes of families reuniting or tearfully saying goodbye which you don’t see in the larger airports anymore.

Ilir comes to pick me up. I don’t hear the phone ring so I miss his call. I check and hurriedly call him back. “Hey ilir, I’m here!” I chirp. Ilir skips the formalities. “Were you taking a shit?”  I get flustered.”No! I just didn’t hear the phone.” “Sure sure. I figured you were taking a shit. Let’s go.”

Did I mention that when Nancy’s church friends first met him, some of us weren’t sure about this Ilir guy? But really that’s just his humor.

7:30pm: We go to Nancy’s relative’s restuarant, the Golden Wok. Meg, Sandy, Tina, Qian, Kevko, Ryan are already there. This is the first time for me to meet some of them, but I know stories on all these guys. It’s like the Hall of Fame of Nancy’s friends. Tricia arrives later. She’s part of that hall too.

800pm: We are excited about the open bar. I don’t know why because when we reach there none of us know what to order. Noureen tugs at my elbow and says ‘Jasmine, I can’t wait-‘ and by her serious yet elated tone, I assume she’s going to say, ‘to see Nancy get married’ or something milestone-y. But she says ‘I can’t wait to eat good Chinese food!’ I decide I like Noureen. Of all things to be excited to have traveled to State College for.

8:15pm: The first course arrives. Dumplings. People are polite and leave the last one alone. I eat it, because someone eventually has to eat it or let it get thrown away, which is the bigger sin. I might as well be rude and save everyone the suspense.

8:30pm: 5 courses in, and we’re getting full. There’s roasted duck, scallops, fried crab, seabass with crabmeat, and more coming. But the food is sooo good.

8:30-40: We check out Walter’s girlfriend. Ryan and I rank her as ‘pretty darn cute.’ Mike, Qian’s husband, tells us the history of Tsingtao beer.

8:50: Another guy tells us  the same story of Tsingtao beer. I wonder if there is a curriculum guys are required to take  that includes knowing beer facts. By now we’re stressing at how many more courses they will serve, because it’s already been 7 dishes and we can’t fit anymore food in. Kevko estimates at least 3 more dishes.

9:00:  Qian points out my face is pretty red. I blame the paper lanterns.

9:15: Tricia arrives. She has a plate of food waiting for her. She politely offers some to us. We all emphatically say ‘NO.’

9:30: They bring out cake and Nancy’s dad gives a great speech. I wish I recorded it so I can use it when my kids get married. We eat the cake.

10pm: We go to the house to sleep.  The keys don’t work. We try to get through the garage. Noureen or Meg pushes a white button thinking it’s the doorbell but all it does it make the garage door jam.  We wonder if we broke the door. We fret. Noureen  justifies our action by saying ‘Guys, it was a button. It was there. It was meant to be pushed.’  We were only following the natural order of things.  Luckily Tina’s key works and she comes to our rescue. 

11pm: We divide up beds. Tricia is stuck with me- or vice versa. I’m a horrible bed sharer. Jennifer and I used to always fight over staying on our own sides. I snore, but I get angry at Jennifer for breathing to loud. “Stop breathing!” I’d seriously complain, and that would piss my little sister off soo much.

Me (hears a rumble): Was that a fart?

Tricia: No. (defensively) And I don’t have that problem anyways.

Me (recalls scenes from medical school and shudders): I can name some times. And you drank all those beers earlier.

Tricia: The blanket will trap it.

Me: But I’m using the same blanket! It’ll travel to my side too.

Tricia: hehe! It’s the same fascial plane….

Me: All I’m saying is there better be some compartment syndrome going on tonight.

2am: I go sleep on the couch because Tricia is breathing too loud.

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