Halloween costume idea #2

Psychiatrist (inspired by Naveena): Dress in khakis and a turtleneck (or whatever is in season for psych people). Knock on the door. When your neighbor answers it, take out a pen, paper and start taking notes. Ask if you can record this session. When they ask “What are you?”, say “What do you think I am?” They will then say “Look, wiseguy, are you trick or treating? Do you want candy?”.  Ask them “Do you want to give me candy?”

When they get violent, inject them with Haldol and run off with the candy.

Halloween costume idea #3

Kim the Lab tech: You’ll have to come! I don’t want to be the only single girl there.

Me: But then I’ll have to dress up.

Kim: Yes, you do.

Me: We can be lab rats!

Kim: Ok, I just got an image in my head of just this disgusting outfit. just wide and blah.

Me: But  I like being covered. I don’t want to go skimpy.

Kim: We could wear grey coats, and have buttons for all the nipples.

Me: Oh! and we’ll need to drop poop.

Crawford: Are you guys talking about droppings?

Kim: Yes!

Crawford: you can use snicker bars to make them proportional to your size.

Kim: We are soo going single.

Me: And we will go home single. And we will die single.

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  1. if you decide to go with this as your halloween costume, be sure to let me know where to show up some i can have some free snickers. that’s the yummiest poop ever. i wish i could poop snickers.

    • surely there are better ways for you to get some snickers, dear nancy.

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