Dinner with Gina and Evan at our standby Mexican restaurant is always a great way to end the day.  Even if Gina and I embarass Evan by ordering french fries. And even if they don’t have hot chocolate though it’s listed on the menu.

We talked about Halloween and parties. Why go to a party, I argued, when I can dress like a pirate and drink at home alone like I ususally do? Evan says he dresses up like a 1940s film noir detective when  he drinks. I tell Gina this is what her kids have to look forward to. Evan, “Oh no, dad’s been drinking again. He looks like Humphrey Bogart.”

From there we talked about children. I think I have the evil parent gene. I  enjoy thinking of ways to humiliate my future kids. We were coming up with the worse names possible.  The winner, I think, was a brother-sister pair named Oedipus/Electra Bui-Graham. Oedipus could go by ‘Ed.’ But there were many, many runner-ups.

Then we got serious and started talking about our own names. Gina’s name is after a tiny bird, which led to quotes from Monty Python like this  and this. We are such nerds. My name is relatively boring. It’s just the name of a regular ol’ flower, and one of the most common names in Vietnam.  But then I remembered I had an Aunt named Thom, which is Vietnamese for ‘pineapple’. Pineapple Dao*.  Best name ever.

*it could also be ‘Aroma’ Dao.

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