this is old but i just found it again on my computer at home.

My cousin-in-law Robin has been learning how to speak Vietnamese (so she can understand what we’re saying about her) and decided to try some out for me.

Robin: Chi caw whey khom?
Me: Umm… (glances at phil helplessly)
Phil: Hey, don’t look at me!
Me: Repeat that, please?
Robin: Chi caw waay kchom?
Me: (nods, and then stares blanky) more time.
Robin: I’m trying to say ‘how are you?’
Me: Oh..ohhhh! OHHH! Sorry. I thought you were asking me if I was disabled.


While checking a 68 yr old patient for skin cancer (as a med student), I see he is wearing an intricate necklace.

Me: What is this?
Patient: It’s James Avery. My bride gave it to me.
His wife smiles warmly.
Patient: We’ve been married 41 years. But to me, it feels like just 41 seconds.
Me: awww
Patient: …underwater.

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  1. And I’ve never tried to speak Vietnamese since.

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