Anna’s birthday was fun. We went to a thai restaurant and then had cakeballs for dessert. They looked way better than the photos, but yes they weren’t really ‘balls’ either. They were cake lumps.

At least they taste good, I say consolingly.

We had nothing to do with how they taste, Gina points out, Walmart did.

It’s true, because instead of baking the cake, what we’d done was buy a ready made cake and just smashed it up, Hulk style, and then shaped them. We had congratulated ourselves for being so time-efficient.  Good thing too, because dipping them actually took forever.

As her present, Anna got Legos, of course. All these years I grew up in a household who, while they enjoyed it, made fun of my Legos, and now I find a whole family who LOVES them, and not only do they all love Legos, but they work on them together. I feel like there was a mixup in the hospital so many years ago.

It took a lot of self-discipline to not grab the box away from Anna and yell “Mein! Mein!”

I don’t know why I think in German sometimes.

The end.

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  1. Lol I had no idea you were thinking that. Next time, I’ll open it right then and we can all build it! Or at least, each build sections of it and put them together in the end. =D

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