Oct 17th is Nancy’s wedding! She’s letting us  bridesmaids choose our own dress, but she has given us color assignments on scarves she will be decorating. Mine is burnt orange (sorry all you OU fans who are gagging right now. Hook ’em). I just can’t think of a dress color that goes with burnt orange. Black will look Halloweeny.  A long football jersey belted at the waist? I’m flabbergasted. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. A brown or red color would make it look autumn-y. Unless of course, you don’t want to go with that color palette. =D

    • i like autumn colors. They bring out my dull mud brown eyes.

  2. oh no, i am sorry i gave you a difficult task! you’re right about black and orange. and you cannot wear white (i am THE BRIDE!!!!!!!) so you can’t exercise your desire to shout to the world that you are a UT fan. yes, brown or red would be good, but i hope you don’t have to go shopping. wear whatever you want!

    • You posted your reply while I was writing mine! I didn’t even think about the fact that Jasmine shouldn’t wear white to your wedding…oops :) So now I suggest light blue or navy. I’m available if you need a shopping buddy…

    • can i wear a white tux? that will let me look UT-ish and definitely won’t be mixed up as being the bride. Also, I’d look dapper.

  3. http://blog.polyvore.com/2008/09/how-to-wear-orange.html Here are some good colors. I like the “orange and white” and the “orange, light blue, and black” ones best. I found some cute dresses on J. Crew’s website that are off-white, navy, and light blue, all of which I think would look cute.

  4. I only ask for dark colored dresses because I do not have a callipygous butt, so i need something that will hide it. Preferably a cardboard box.

  5. i like the first of the links. Now to grow 5 inches taller.

  6. Oo! Red and orange is what our bridesmaids had on. Like a brick red and a sort of burnt orange. I thought it might be too much together, but it turned out rather nice.

    • Ok! Time for shopping then, and for the first brick red dress I’ve ever owned.
      Gina, are you up to the task?

      • Yep! Just let me know when! :)

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