Batoul and I, NPR nerds that we are, went to see a live showing of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, a talk/game show of current events and well, general wit. It was good fun, and I wanted to extend the evening. So when I overheard someone talking about an afterparty, which required a special invite, I got an idea.

” Batoul! Let’s crash the afterparty! Then we can meet everyone and get their autographs.” Batoul just laughed and kept walking.

“Come on, didn’t you sneak into parties back in college? It’s easy*.” I tried to goad her.

Batoul gave me a look. ” Jasmine, I never snuck into a party, because I was always invited to the parties.”

Harsh, Batoul. Harsh.

* This was sort of a lie. I’ve only snuck into one party in my life, and that’s because I happened to be dressed like the waitstaff. However, it did have people like Willie Nelson, Dan Rather, and former Texas governor Ann Richards there, so on a security level I guess it counts for something.

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  1. oh yeah, was that during your days as a valet? you can wear your valet uniform to my wedding.

    • i still have it!

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