Nancy text: We are passing by Shartlesville. it is probably somewhere between Fartsville and Shitsville.

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  1. dear jasmine, i am sorry that i have not been keeping up with your blog! ilir created a username on my computer and now i don’t log into mine anymore. therefore i do not check my bookmarks either, and i’m ashamed to say that i had forgotten what the url was because i used to go down the row and absentmindedly open a billion tabs with all of my bookmarks every day. i am back with a vengeance and am glad to see this very funny quote by me.

  2. Dearest Nancy,
    I have no idea who goes to my blog or not. It doesn’t list URL’s like it used to in the old days. Gosh I miss those days. I’d know who was my real friend and who wasn’t, and who stalked me. Now it’s just anonymous numbers.
    Keep those funny quotes coming and I will continue to write about you. But I’m holding you to the same standards as everyone else. No funny, no mention!

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