Went to Mama Roja’s earlier this week to celebrate Rachna’s and Raj’s birthday. The food was pretty good. We sat out next to the lake and the weather was nice for once. As most birthday dinner conversations go, we got to talking about how dolphins are transported from one zoo to another. Rupal thought it was by plane, Saurabh (I spell his name however I want to) said it was more feasible by truck. Rachna then starts talking about her last plane flight, which excites me because I totally thought she was going to settle the debate by describing how she saw a dolphin being transported when she looked out of the window of the airplane mid-flight, but it turns out she was just changing the subject.

Thet start talking about Indian movies, and Rupal says they need to get me into that. I guess watching The Namesake doesn’t count, or anything with Kal Penn (who is apparently very hot).  We’ll see how far this will go.

Anyways, during the dinner I thought about how in the begining, I compared our residency to a TV show. And like any TV show, the old cast fades out as the new cast moves in. Storylines are wrapped up, like the stable long-term couple finally getting married (Evan and Gina, Rachna and her ‘very nice boy’ Prathik), the horndog settling down (Azif), new adventures promised in different parts of the world while others stay on, but in new positions of power.

The new cast would slightly resemble the old cast, only you know, they’d have their own little quirks. But each person would pretty much have a replacement character to fill in their role in the group’s dynamic. Raj would be Rachna’s, I guess. Mine is Saurabh because I sense a kindred spirit in him, mostly the restaurant kind. Gina was the Turk (from scrubs) of our class…I’m not sure who Turk is in the other groups as of yet. She’s also quite an epic level of nerd that I think no one can ever fulfill, and I say that proudly. Ashley takes Erin’s role in the 2nd yr class. I don’t know who takes Mehwish’s place. And I don’t know who Rachit is supposed to be replacing. 

It’s a very untested theory, obviously. I just made it up. What I’m saying though is our cast’s finale is coming up in 287 days. That’s awesome, a bit sad. We’re a tough act to follow.

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  1. I agree with the above….however, how does Azif feel about being called a horndog??

    • Is horndog a very bad term? If so, then I meant corndog. Corndog!

      • Yikes! I just looked it up. I meant something not as bad, and more in a jokey way. I need a thesaurus.

  2. Oo! I loooooves me the Bollywood movies! I can give you a whole list, just as soon as I remember what the ones I’ve seen are called. :) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the only one I remember off-hand. Anything with Shahrukh Khan in it would be a good place to start. Dude is in frickin’ *everything*.

    • send me the list robin! Then we can talk and have dance offs next time we neet.

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