Went to visit Annelise not too long ago (but not recently, either). Aj joined in the road trip. It was her first road trip ever, and she tolerated it pretty well. There were no side trips to the world’s biggest ball of yarn or any side off-path events like that, and probably for the better.

She also tolerated my driving pretty well. There was one instance where I braked a tad late and she had a Moro reflex thing going on, but she recovered and acted cool afterwards. I’m a bit more of a control freak when it comes to driving, so when it was her turn to drive I just tried to sleep, so either I would make it back home or leave this earth blissfully unaware. I trusted I was going to make it back.

Shopping was done. We stopped by Lush, which I love, and there I found the cupcake mask I’ve been looking for for years. It smells just like chocolate cupcakes, and feels great.  I will forever associate it with Amsterdam, scaring jenn and her boyfriend when I walked out of the bathroom with it on.They probably thought I was some poop monster or something. I am not doing a good job of selling this mask. I will also associate it with the first time my dog Addy looked at me with real interest and love. He was all ‘whatever, it’s you again’ and then he caught a whiff of the mask, and his eyebrows went up and I swear his eyes started to sparkle. He’s a funny dog.

We met up with Annelise at a mall with real ducks roaming in it. Growing up, every time my mom saw a stray dog she would tsk sadly and say “Look, (insert American person’s name here), BBQ. Someone might take home and eat.” My cousin Julie has suffered this for years and it has become a family joke. “Look Julie, BBQ.” Mom never does this with her viet friends. I don’t know how hard of a life my mom had where she had to worry about strays, but I’m pretty sure Gina’s family does not have issues like this.

I also remembered my Philippino friend Tricia  questioning why couldn’t we (meaning me and her, right then) catch fish out of this nasty river that runs through downtown Houston, or why we didn’t eat the birds that would flock all over our med school.  She was serious. So I’ve come to expect that there is a segment of our population who still think in hunter/gatherer mode.

Thus, it was with these memories in mind that I joked that I was surprised no one was stealing the ducks to eat. I could imagine my mom saying”Look, Aj, Annelise, BBQ. Quack quack.” Aj had that voice that usually accompanies eye-rolling (but I don’t know because I was looking at the ducks) and said, “Jasmine, these people are shopping at Louis-Vuitton.” This only invoked an image of a duck poking its head out of a LV purse, on it’s way home to be Ratatouille’d.

Then Annelise and I watched Reno 911 and reruns of Lois and Clark. We went out for pizza and root beer floats. Annelise had issues with her GPS, not only did it give her the wrong directions but it did it in a authoratative, condescending British accent. Went back. Tried to sleep, but woken in the middle of the night by a British voice telling us to turn right, turn right. I wondered if this was a set up for a horror movie, ala Child’s Play, only for the 2010. What if all GPS systems were haunted? Will have to get back to this idea.

 Then in the AM we first get up at 4am to break fast at this cool little diner, me in my penguin pajamas alongside clubbers winding down their nights. Then we walked out to the starbucks and around a trail.I was glad to see that Annelise obviously takes well to Dallas. Like a duck to water. In a mall.

With that happy thought, it was time to head home.


Places I wish we’d gone but didn’t and will next time: North Park Mall, Fogo de Chao, and that little diner again.

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  1. You should have called me!

    • why?

  2. You came to my town!

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