It’s been awhile since I’ve worked out, but I went to the gym today. Atrophy exists. Big time.

For the occasion I broke out my old workout music list. The old one  that dates back from college. I was kind of surprised. O-town? Really? BB Mak. Nu Flavor. LFO (I refuse to link that one). My excuse isn’t all that great, the 90s were over, and Napster was there to introduce me to a world of music, any music! But I squandered so many hours of downloads on these songs. Most of them sound sort of the same . Also, I’m pretty sure my work-out mix was basically my sleeping mix, except the workout mix also had the soundtrack to Sister Act in it. Distilling religious references in contemporary songs! What was more exhilarating than that to work out to?

And yet, though I might cringe at the  boy bands’ ‘gag me with a pitchfork’ sappy lyrics, deep in my heart, I still find these songs catchy. All except LFO.


After that I had the urge to listen to songs from Sister Act. And there I found this Dr. Lou Ludwig sighting

It’s totally her, right? Or did I eat some bad Hot Tamale candies that I found under the couch? Is it possible we have a mild mannered pediatric attending during the day, superstar pop-music singing choir member by night? Kinda like Hannah Montana in a habit?  Hawt.

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  1. Of everything you listed in your playlist I think LFO is probably the best…

    • No they’re not.

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