I’m looking forward to Nancy and Ilir’s wedding in October. Will try to rearrange my schedule to make it, as it is truly a once in a lifetime thing. Also, more wedding cake to eat.

Nancy has been one of the greatest friends I’ve ever unwillingly made. What I took for initial rudeness was just enthusiasm and passion for life.  When I thought she was a weirdo, what I didn’t see was that I was weird myself.

We didn’t really talk  until Angela Peng invited me to a book study group.  We got along ok. And then she invited herself to my nightly walks out on the track. I had enjoyed this as my alone time, and so was a little bit resentful at the idea of another person being there. But then  we could say anything and the other person wouldn’t find it stupid or offensive.  We  discussed economy, literature, and possible reasons why didn’t people drink koala milk.  Nancy told me how she and her friends had wondered what kind of animal did Wow Rings come from ?( Wow Rings were a UT delicacy that looked like onion rings but made of chicken). She and her friends made up an animal called the ‘tube chicken’ and had designed a life cycle for it and everything. We found these things things very funny. Then instead of just walking, we’d run through the sprinklers or did cartwheels across the field. Or we’d stretch and identify constellations, planets.  My nightly walks became even more fun.

It was during med school that Nancy, Tricia and I propagated this culture that Jason dubbed ‘aggressively nice.’ We instinctively tried to out-nice each other, to the point where when Nancy tried to pay Tricia back for dinner and wouldn’t give up until the money was taken. So Tricia cunningly left it on Nancy’s couch when Nancy was not looking. So Nancy ran out after Tricia and threw the money into Tricia’s car. To which Tricia threw the money out of the window into the street and drove off, yelling ‘see ya’ as she did.

After that incident we decided not to be so nice anymore. I’ve developed a personal credo of being rude, crude and obnoxious to avoid such confrontations.

There’s too much to talk about. She took up photography and I would tag along on Mr. Rogers-like expeditions, learning about pottery, movies, art, religion.

When Nancy met Ilir, there wasn’t  a moment where she seemed hesitant about his feelings for her (at least to us). And she developed this maturity while retaining the childlike spontaneity and creativity she’s always had.  Ilir is one of those people who seem to know quite a bit about everything, and except for the kissing part, I feel completely welcome in their world.

and now i’m sleepy. night.

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