Holly: What’s your middle name Jay?

Jay: Randolph.

Holly: At least that’s better than ‘Gandalf’

Jay (diplomatically): Arguable.


Me (explaining Vietnamese): So you can call someone ’em’, which is ‘little sister’, or ‘chi’, which is more like ‘big sister’.

Gabrielle: And you call everyone Auntie or Uncle.  So I grew up thinking everyone was related to me.

Me: And then one day you suddenly find out they aren’t, like when you need a kidney or something.


(While Jay and I were teaching the med students one or two phrases to say in Spanish)

Jay: While I was living in Peru, there was a guy who was teaching me how to speak Spanish. And one day he tells me to say this phrase to the lady who worked there. She was older, about 30-35 yrs. “los pollos viejos hacen la mejor caldo.” And so I go up to her, say ‘los pollos viejos hacen la mejor caldo,’ and I get slapped in the face. I go back to the guy and ask him what did I say to her, and it turns out to be a colloquial phrase ‘old chickens make the best soup,’ meaning older women are better in bed.

Jay: And so when you see patients you should say ‘los pollos…’

Gabrielle: And then suddenly you notice all these mom following you asking for soup.

Me: Caldo muy caliente


Me :This elevator smells like fart.

Batoul (with perfect Spock-like seriousness): Yes. It does. Big time.

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