The other day the newborn team waited on each other so we could leave the hospital together, hand in metaphorical hand. I am proud to have lead such a team of lovable dorks.

I think batoul and I actually skipped on our way out of work once, but only for a few feet because we worried about how we were representing the hospital.

Contrary to what it may seem, I’ve enjoyed my newborn month. Always have.  I like the patient care, hate the paperwork. But that is part of the care too. I know, I know.

What I especially liked was my team. We all liked food, and we all liked each other. So we went out to eat and would get good take-out on call nights. Camaraderie was high. I don’t think I would have been as sane or happy without my team.

Tricia and I were talking about possible Things to Do in the future. She invited me to go to Haiti and do some missionary medical things there. Tricia knows of a town that had been praying for medical care and was needing someone with an eye for pediatrics to tag along.  We both got pretty excited about the idea. Working for the most needy, people who rely so much on hope on a day to day basis.  We decided we wanted to approach the situation with a culturally sensitive attitude, not in a ‘our  superior civilization is here to rescue your civilization’ sort of way.

Me: I think working in that sort of clinic would really restore my energy for medicine, Tricia. And…and you know what? Maybe it’s my calling.  I’m single, I have nothing really keeping me here, no commitments.

Tricia: I know! My thoughts exactly, Jasmine. Maybe this is why God has kept me single . (jokingly) Maybe this is why  He made me so unattractive.

Me: …and gave you a horrible personality.

Tricia: So only Haitians would be able to love me.

Yay for destiny!

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