Ten + things you didn’t know about Paul Dasari

as collected by the Newborn team of August ’10

1)One time, in India, Paul Dasari round-house kicked tuberculosis out of a kid

2)Paul Dasari once saved 400 orphans from a burning building filled with lead and abestos, and then taught  the children about the dangers of smoking.

3)Paul Dasari can intubate, place a chest tube and operate a waffle maker  while teaching medical students all at the same time. And then he feeds the waffles to Urbin po.

4)Paul Dasari can get GI to take new patients.

5)Paul Dasari has 30 diseases named after him, and 38 cures.

6)Paul Dasari’s brain is so powerful it doesn’t need a blood brain barrier. But he has one anyways, and it’s 3 inches of pure muscle.

7) TPN stands for Total Paul Nutrition.

8) Paul Dasari’s earwax is made of surfactant.

9) Paul Dasari has a MIC ( minimum inhibitory concentration) of 10 feet. And all bacteria are susceptible to him.

10) Paul Dasari delivered a baby by C-section before he learned how to walk.

11) Paul Dasari is so awesome, this joke will never get old.

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  1. And because of #4, Sam is the only person in the whole world who doesn’t absolutely love Paul…

    • Oh, Sam loves him too, deep down. He’s Paul!

      • She loves him, obviously. Just not as much as the rest of the world does. She’ll get over it in a few more days though…

  2. Haha, I’m glad to see you’ve got the Legends of the Dasari up and going.

  3. She’ll get over it, or Paul will roundhouse kick her hatred into the next century.

    • thumbs up

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