July is over!  It’s been a month. Netsanet would come by and give me stat hugs :). Paul gave me some paneer dish this morning and after eating it I felt energetic enough to blog again. Behold the power of paneer.

Let’s see, this month we celebrated Mehwish’s birthday, Hari’s birthday, and totally left out Kelly and Paul’s birthdays. I realize this. We will fix that. Mehwish’s new name is Mehwish Masala, or Masala Mehwish, because she’s the spice of the residency program.

Went to eat several time with Gina when we realize we hadn’t even thought about studying for the past two months. That’s what study buddies are for, to keep each other focused, even after a month or two. And I just got a text of her engagement ring! Whoo hoo! See the comic on her webpage

Over dinner one night with Rachna and Aj, we had this great idea of a weekend celebration in NYC after residency is over.  Vegas was the alternative choice, but NYC has better shopping and Broadway. Mehwish wanted Vegas because she can be more spicy there.

Speaking of spicy, I can tell you who is not spicy. While at dinner, we talked about  tourist places in NYC.

Rachna: There’s also the museum of sex.

Aj (excitedly):  A museum of science?

The funny part about it is that you could totally see Aj’s brain process Rachna’s clearly spoken words, then decide to reject the possibilty of such a museum, and finally substituted the word ‘sex’ with ‘science’ (which don’t sound very much alike…when was the last time anyone mistook a movie for being rated R for too much science?). This all happened in a matter of milliseconds, and was highly amusing to watch.

I’m on nightfloat and so will be adding more to this later.

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