Last week was nightfloat with Imran. One night, Aj was there and after finishing notes was headed home. This is how the conversation went :

Me: Bye Aj!

Aj: So you’re not going to see me before I leave?

Me: Nope.

Aj (pulling a guilt trip the way my mom does): And what if my plane crashes?

Me (guilted and horrified): Don’t say that!

Imran: Don’t worry Jasmine, you’ll see each other in heaven.

Me: oh right. Bye! See you in heaven!

So that was that. Imran was quite tickled by it and insisted it go on the quote board. I said he could write it if he wanted, and as I typed my work I could hear him scribbling away. “Jasmine,” he said, “tell me if I wrote this correctly.”

This is what Imran wrote:

Jasmine: Goodbye, Aj. I won’t see you before your trip to Canada.

Aj: Come, let me embrace you before I leave!

I stopped reading right there.

“Is THIS how we sound in your head??!?Imran, no one here talks like this!” and Imran of course just giggles, but not in a I-was-joking kind of way. And so I decide to type it up myself and put it on the quote board, just to maintain some conversational integrity.

And then I got to see Imran discover the Jerry Springer Show. “jasmine, what is this? explain to me.” And so I tell him how people go on there to air their personal business. I tell him it’s not worth it but he is intrigued. I watch as he sits on the floor in front of the TV, barefeet with his pants rolled up, like a 5 yr old. I watched with the sinking heart of a mother who sees her child discover cigarette smoking.

And that’s just two things from the week with imran. Oh and his wife is adorable. She called and told me to make him do work. I know who is the boss in that home.

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