A scholarly debate

Tricia and I discussing about Eclipse, from the Twilight saga

Me: I saw your comments on Facebook. It’s not just like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Tricia: It’s just my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. It’s a guy saying ‘I love you so much I’m willing to die for you.’ That’s what people are attracted to. I feel that is right, and I understand if you don’t agree.**

Me: No, they’re different. Edward’s a vampire. It’s about this all powerful vampire, dangerous and hungry, falling in love and restraining himself for this love. It’s the lion and the lamb imagery, which is a little sacriligeous but whatever.

Tricia: Ok, obviously you’ve looked into this much deeper than I have and have taken in all these literary comparisons but I am entitled to my opinions and…you are entitled to yours. And that’s whats so great about this world.

Me: But it’s not deep…he’s a vampire. It’s pretty obvious. It’s on the posters. that’s the point of the movie. It’s a vampire movie.

Tricia:You are entitled to your opinion, and obviously you’ve thought about it more than I have… the whole lion and the lamb thing I didn’t even consider

Me: It was in the first movie. He said it, out of his own mouth. I don’t understand you.

Tricia: Well if you don’t understand me, how can you say my opinion is wrong? You can’t just negate it then.

Me: I think I understand it, and what I interpret is wrong.

Tricia: I get the difference. human and human vs vampire and human. I get it. What I’m saying is that the scene where Jack is in the water, giving the board space to Rose, is what moved audiences. And now we have that with Edward saying he’d go anywhere to protect Bella, and she wanting to turn into a vampire, give up her humaness for him* It’s the same old story.

Me: HE’S a VAMPIRE. It’s a vampire movie!

*Bella actually says in the movie it’s not just for him. She fits in better with the vampires.

** I’m not an argumentive person except with my sister and my dad. But I think Tricia’s concillatory tone from the very start just provoked me.

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