The year thus far

I was in the ER with Hari the night we rolled into the next level. At midnight, Hari was the first to greet me as a 3rd year. I placed my hands on Hari’s shoulders and declared her a 2nd year. And then I tell her she can be charge doc now and I didn’t have to be there anymore. It was that Trinity told me when I turned into a 2nd year at midnight 1 year ago. I was just passing on a tradition.

Had a sister’s weekend with Gina and Anna and Michelle. We saw Toy Story 3 and then ate fried green beans. I had a butterscotchtini that I pretended was a butterbeer. Can’t wait for Michelle’s birthday trip! And I’m liking the frequency of these sister weekends.

On nightfloat with Imran and David right now. Imran likes to share music. He showed me a song his dad used to play for him Chandra O Chandra. It’s this lady singing to the moon, about having her sleep taken away from her.  Then I showed him a Vietnamese song, Long Me. It’s about the love of a mother for her child. I know this because my mom tried to force my sister and I to learn to play it. While we begrudgingly picked through the keys she would intermittently pop her head into the living room to remind us “it’s about a mother’s love for her child!”

Then Imran showed me NPR’s list of the greatest 50 voices. One is a lady from India, Lata Mangeshkar. The second he showed me was Nusrat Fateh Ali. Imran claimed this was Aj’s grandfather, and I am ashamed to admit I believed him for two seconds.

I am glad to see Dolly Parton on the list. Jennifer and I used to watch her short-lived variety show when we were wee ones.

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