Went to see Eclipse with Courtney, Nadine, Ami and Adrienne. It was quite the experience. Ami and Courtney had made shirts for us. Theirs were about glittery guys. Nadine’s and I had the way cooler “Team Jacob” shirts. We took a photo to commemorate. Adrienne told me to move my shirt because it  was reading as ”Team Acob.’ I asked Ami how much did the shirt cost. “oh, six dollars?” she estimated. “But how much for the love that was put into it?” I pressed. ‘Priceless’ would have been my guess, but no, it was all a flat rate of six dollars.

The way I see it, imagine the spirit of a very very old man saying Edward’s words. That’s why he’s so old fashioned, because he’s old. Meanwhile, Jacob’s sweetness and pup-like energy match with age. He’s more impetuous cause he’s young, not because he’s less romantic. And I admire that about him. Gosh, I sound like a cougar.

I sat next to Courtney, which was fun. We admired the inside of the Warren Theater, and I told her how the curtains lift before the show. She got to talking with Ami as the curtains actually did rise, and I almost turned to make her watch, but I thought, “who the heck would care about that besides me?” Well, Courtney apparently.

And also Courtney likes to rock in her seat, which creates a nice swaying motion for the seats adjacent to her. It’s like a swing. Very soothing. 

The movie itself was better than the last two. I kept making comparisons to TrueBlood though, a series I had but didn’t start watching until Gina watched it with me. Gina had warned me about this one graphic sex scene in the pilot episode. So immediately after the opening credits, I said “oh, this is the scene you were talking about. I see what you mean, that IS graphic.” and then later, “Oh, was this must be the one you meant.” and then later ” When is it going to stop?’ The answer is never. It never stops being graphic.

While I contemplate the reality of me being a 30 yr old watching a teen vampire flick, Adrienne somehow spills her drink on herself and the people adjacent to her, and then we  ended our Twilight night with one last photo. I realize then I won’t be seeing Ami or Nadine much anymore, and it’s kinda sad-but-happy-for-them thing.

Until Breaking Dawn, then.

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