This July’s changes seem less fun than last year’s changes. Maybe it’s because we already know what it’s like to be upper levels. Maybe it’s because Uday and his pelvic-centric dancing moved on to the East Coast.  Then there’s Seema who is leaving as well.

I might be grumpy because I’m leaving Heme-onc clinic (we stopped to sing a song to a boy on his last chemo day…what other clinic does that?). I don’t want heme-onc clinic month to end. Pam and I found a toaster oven and had fresh chicken pot pie for lunch. Erin was part of the group and it was fun times, like last year.

To add insult to injury, they had to break up the Friday clinc gang for next year. Adios Grunow, Sam, Annelise, Ami. If it weren’t for Rachna, I’d be really depressed.  Sam still owes me a hamster. For some reason she always promised to get me a hamster, and now I kind of actually expect one.

AND then my Vietnamese neighbors moved away. With them left the free wireless I would depend on when my own internet had problems. Luckily, I got it fixed on the very day they shut it off.

My conversations with the little daughter always went like this:

Girl: Hi Co (Auntie)!

Me: Hi con (child)

Girl: What are you doing?

Me: Watering my plants.

Girl: Whaaat?

Me (wearily): Nothing. I’m doing nothing.

Girl: Why?

Me: …(debating how to answer this) Hi con!

Girl: Hi Co!

It would go on like that, only sometimes her questions would change. I’d just reroute the convo to just be mindless repetitions of hi’s until it was time to say bye.  The mom told me that the kids adore me. I wonder why.

So there. No sappy intro into the third year. No reflective thoughts on what it all means in the grander scheme of things. Not yet anyways.

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