Yesterday I was listening to Alan Jackson ‘Drive’, which is a country song about kids sharing moments with their parents (I don’t cry much, but Alan Jackson songs can do it), and I was inspired to call my dad who is in California on a business trip. We rarely talk on the phone, but I know he’s excited about this trip and I thought he’d want to talk about it.

Me: Hey dad!

Dad: Oh..hi!

Me: how’s the hotel.

Dad: Yea yea, there aren’t any problems. Thanks for asking.

Me: Wait! Is it nice?

Dad: I can’t talk.  They have a breakfast buffet.

So of course I call mom and tell her. I think she told him because later he calls sheepish and tells me he was hurrying to get to the lab, but I clearly heard buffet.

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  1. Odd, my dad does the same thing. When we’re talking and he’s in Vietnam, it’s always “Hi con! It’s hot! So hot! Gotta go! Time to have some coffee with friends!”

    • I am glad someone out there understands. But does your mom talk on the phone for hours?
      Oh, and the VERY first time I called him from college went like this
      Me (feeling grownup): Hi dad!
      Dad: What do you need?
      Me: Nothing..
      Dad: Here’s your mom!

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