Uday: Do you know that plastic surgery resident?


Uday: A pretty-boy. He has the long flowing hair.


Me: He has blonde hair.

Uday: Real metrosexual.

Me: Looks like he works out.

Uday: But he’s thin.


Me (making some gesture): he has a really nice butt…

Paul (jokingly): Oh! I totally know who you’re talking about now!


I like this song.

I can’t send out a song without having my old friend Steve Love send me one right back. He is an endless source of indie songs. I don’t know if he has a day job anymore.

So in reply to The Like, he sends me this one. Words of Love is a Buddy Holly cover. Her style is sleepy (as far as I’ve heard), almost languid, but in a good way. Unless you are into Rammstein. Then it’s not so good.


I met a bird named Bogie. He dances when you sing to him ‘Do the Bogie Boogie, the Bogie Boogie.” Apparently Enrique Inglesias songs are his favorite. I want a bird now. He sits at the dinner table with the family too. So cute.

Every time I looked at  him though, his bird-body would morph into a cooked thanksgiving roast image, like in cartoons when the cat sees a chicken or whatnot.

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  1. I have no idea who that plastics resident is.

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