During vacation I hung out with Tiff and Brian and Tiffany’s family- her dad was retiring. It was good to see the whole family again. It was just like old times.

Tiff tells Brian of how we bonded over Animaniacs. It’s a great cartoon (John Ruth is also a fan; Nancy thought it was too violent and preferred Tiny Toons). However, unlike other people my age at the time, instead of just liking it, I proceeded to have most of my high school wardrobe be compromised of Warner Bros propaganda. I even had the CD. I know a lot of the songs by heart except for the one with the world countries listed. I can sing that one up to Belize-ish.

Tiff likes to remind me how I had a sweat shirt that said “We have no taste, but we like you.” I’m glad those are just old memories…and any funny shirts I have now are more in the hipster-ironic funny way. Which I guess isn’t any better than Warner Bros.

My favorite Mr. Skullhead clips from the show. It was filler stuff that would run in between episodes. We could do something with our end of year skit maybe.

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  1. I used to have the CD too! And I’m a big Pinky and the Brain fan…

    • i had a pinky and the brain hat…

  2. Animaniacs is by far better than Tiny Toons.

    • i know! Tiny Toons didn’t have cool characters like Pinky or Rita and the Runt.

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