My sis was jealous of Gina’s Mario cupcakes. So I made her a one-up cake. It was the first time I’d tried diong a sculpted cake and as each indiviual piece took shape I was excited. I finally placed the mushroom cap on top and stepped back to look at my 5+ hours of work.  Each indivudal component was fine…but the total gestalt was that of a penis. I made a penis-cake for my sis’ birthday.

I was planning on taking it to share with Phil and Robin as we were meeting our cousins to watch the soccer game at Alamo Drafthouse. But I really didn’t want anyone seeing it after that.

Alamo drafthouse was fun, probably one of my favorite places to be for the food and the movie events they hold. And the sports events. I got made fun of for ordering a British dish (fish and chips). Phil and Robin got American beer in this huge thingy I can’t remember the name of now. We also had fried pickles, chips and queso and wings. Jennifer had a milkshake. Soccer on big screen, enthusiastic fans in the back cheering. Life was good. It’s a bit anticlimatic that U.S tied with England in the end, but at least we weren’t defeated.

Jenn says that all the teams should tie so that way everyone wins.

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  1. Please, please, please tell me you have a picture of the penis cake!!

    • Nooo! I was too ashamed of it. We fixed it up a little bit and took pics at the least penis-y angle possible…

  2. It’s called a growler and looks like this:

    • ah yes. thanks! I learn so much from you, like the growler, and the spike in cardiac arrests right at kick off of the world cup, and how wearing red decreases the chances of a penalty kick going in.

      • One day I might even teach you something useful!

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