I get really, disproportionately, upset over  beached whales. I read about one on CNN.com this afternoon and it’s still haunting me.

The idea that is. Not some ghost whale…though if I had to be haunted by a ghost, I suppose a ghost whale wouldn’t be all that bad. It can make soothing noises.

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  1. So you finally admit to the association of veganism with occult activity!

    As for your distress at the death of the whale, there is now some evidence that he had been released from a water-park similar to SeaWorld. The following suicide note was found near the body:

    The burning hoop scorches my soul
    I eat carrion
    I feel trapped like in a cage
    My soul is black like my upper body
    My tears mingle with the water of my prison
    I perform cheap tricks like a two dollar whore

    • So he’s in a better place now. Thank you for that.

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