For two days in a row, Jenn and I have eaten at this little vegan cafe that’s pretty good. It has the dubious name of ‘Loving Hut’ (“you’re taking me where?” “to the Loving Hut!”) and inside it’s all white with a slight cultish atmosphere. Like Auroville, only with less flies. It has a sterile feel in there, except for the very nice workers.  There are pictures of Great Leader- this little asian lady, and a video loop playing on flatscreens about nature and love and other locations of Loving Hut you can find around the world. Paintings done by Great Leader are also framed. I think how cool it would be to be a cult leader and someday have my fingerpaintings on display, the way my mom never displayed them on our refrigerator. Childhood issues.

 “The Kool-Aid is complementary,” Jenn jokes.

While eating, I went through some fond memories of Auroville. Jorge my super-Christian friend didn’t like it because it felt devoid of spirituality. We were there with Tricia and twin sisters Geetha and Rakeh (?).

Rakeh (upon initial meeting, points to me): You remind me exactly of my friend Ann.

Me: Really?

Rakeh: Oh my God!! That’s is totally what Ann would have said!

This scared me into not talking, unsure if I was channeling this ‘Ann’ character or not.

Rakeh was the younger of the sisters and prone to just speaking her mind. Geetha took her time and when she spoke you could tell she’d been thinking it through. So you can imagine the comments Rakeh was making while we were walking through the divine community.

(While the group silently studies  the main sculpture/building that exemplifies the philosophy of Auroville. Inside it contains the soil from 7 different continents in a jar.)

Rakeh (with solemn certainty): One of these days, this globe thing is going to take off into space and we’ll be left behind.

We giggle, and George adds, “it’d be funny if it just sputtered and smoke started coming out.’

Rakeh: There goes the divine community! …I’m talking really loudly aren’t I? I’m being disrespectful.

Geetha: Lucky for you, they don’t believe in a god for you to anger.

Geetha, who obviously doesn’t buy into the whole thing, does defend it, telling  us about howthe people there live under strict rules and regulations, prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol, etc, more evidence of strong self discipline and a real search for spirituality. Whether it is misguided or not depends on how you look at it.

George still found the Godless thing disturbing and thought it was sad. I was more with Geetha. It’s just the materialization of a John Lennon song.  Though, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable living there either. 

The food there was also good, which is why we’d gone to Auroville in the first place (we were tired of Masala…as much as I love it we were tired of it).

 I’m wondering what is it with cults and tasty food. Jenn thinks it’s laced with something. We tried not to think too much about this and kept on eating.

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