“If I had to choose between extreme sorrow and extreme happiness, I would always choose sorrow, for when you are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God.But in your sorrow, He is always with you.”

– Today’s reflective thought brought to you by the smutty TV drama, the Tudors.

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  1. actually i think of God a lot when i’m happy– i’m thankful. if i were sorrowful all of the time you might begin to question if there were a God. if He was really there, i’d wonder why He would he allow me to suffer while everyone else was happy. either way, i suppose we shouldn’t base our opinions or thoughts about God on our personal situations, although it’s impossible not to.

  2. I’m with you. I actually think of spirituality more when i’m happy. With all the unhappiness in the world, I feel I don’t deserve more than any other person, and thus I’m grateful for it. When I’m sad I tend to feel like I need to get myself out of this situation, etc. I take personal responsibility when things go wrong. I feel it’s my job to get myself out.
    Unless the bad situation is super-crappy, and then what can you do but pray.

  3. Btw, what you said fits the quote. When you’re unhappy, even though you question God, at least you’re thinking of things pertaining to spirituality (the existence of God).
    It’s when you’re happy that you tend to ‘forget.’ Even if you are thankful, spirituality is not always on your mind.
    She’s picking to be Job over King David.

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