Today I came in early for my nightfloat shift to see if anyone was sitting around waiting to check out. I actually enjoy those moments when I get to sit and talk with Mehwish or Kris or Rachna, without the rush of the teams waiting to be next.

Adrienne and Sam were in there today. Adrienne talked to us about her starting chief duties. Sam was laying down until her ER shift started. Worryingly, she looked a bit feverish and sounded hoarse. Stupid sick kids, taking us residents down with them. 

Since Sam couldn’t talk a whole lot, Adrienne taugh her some American Sign language.  Her repetoire included boy, girl, me, dumb, popcorn, chocolate, vanilla, divorce and the number 10. Oh, and also, making out.

Popcorn is  the cutest sign word I’ve ever seen. You just move your pointer fingers up like popping corn and you watch them pop.  Making out is also cute, because it reminds me of two marshmallow peeps giving little bird-peck kisses.  Adrienne in a yellow gown reminds me of peeps. Man, I sure think about peeps a lot.

Cuteness aside though, Sam would have to be the MacGyver of linguistics to get a decent HPI with that. What are the chances there would be a 10 yr old boy in the ED who had been making out with  popcorn, aspirated, and now felt dumb about it? (or whatever combo you can think of)

On the bright side, that would mean less admits for me. And less admits = thumbs up.

*after posting this, Sam called me with two admits.

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