Me: Nurses told me overnight that this patient was turning pale. His lips were pink though, he just looked light-skinned. They say he’s usually brown.

Amanda: Maybe he’s a chameleon.

Me: Ooh, chameleon babies would be so cool. You place them on the Servo warmer and they just kind of disappear.

Amanda: I was trying to do my physical exam this morning, but I couldn’t find the baby.


Did admissions last night with Kent and Medical Student Girl (actually, I know her name but I feel students need to prove they deserve a name). In the lull, we did the New England Journal of Medicine image quiz for fun.

I shared this exciting and fun activity to Jason, who commented something to the effect that we were so wild and crazy.

So true. And we did pretty well, actually. If we got a dollar for every question we got right, we’d have five dollars. At least.  I apparently know scabies well.

Kent: Do you think this is filariasis?

Me:  That’s the one where you get the huge testicles right?

Kent: Well, that’s normal for me, but yeah.


Kristen the Med Student showing us pics of the Tree Man

Me: Wow, imagine growing up with that condition. I wonder what his everyday life is like.

Kent: I’m wondering how he got that shirt on.


Kent is almost always joking, but you can never tell. Last night, the nurses handed him a piece paper with vital signs written on. They just wrote down the numbers, 36.7, 150, 28, 95%

Kent looked at the paper for awhile, like he was concentrating really hard. And then he went up to them and said “excuse me, miss? What do these stand for?”

The nurses just stared at him.

He gave me good advice about how you can use humor to get yourself out of potentially embarrassing situations. For example, when I was a med student, I was really nervous about examining a baby. I had done all adult stuff up til then and I couldn’t remember being taught how to examine a kid.

So when presented with a 7 month old, I listened to the heart, chest. I palpated the abdomen and out of habit I asked “where is your pain the worst at?”. I realized what I did too late. The mom’s eyes widened, and I just looked back at her with a deer in headlights look. The baby looked at both of us and gurgled some drool.

It’s a moment burned in my memory.

Kent told me he would have said, “Well, where is it? Come on! You have to cooperate. I guess this means you have no pain.” (then turns to mom) “I guess she has no pain, mom. I’m sorry she made you drive all the way out here for nothing.”

Genius, really.

Then we went to find Carmen for her to tell us a Mexican joke, but she wasn’t there. So Mike told us an Italian joke.  We laughed and the rest of the night went as most call nights do.

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