Tricia and Nancy were here this weekend. Nancy is my go-to person for creative projects and poop jokes. Tricia is my go-to person for when I need  a sympathetic confidante (not that Nancy is not sympathetic, but she’s more a solver of problems).

Gosh it’s hard to type with superglue-y fingers. It just feels weird. At least I got my wallet off.

They came Friday night and we talked well into Saturday morning. After a few hours of sleep we got up and Nancy made us crepes – some with strawberries, nutella, some with sauteed spinach and mushrooms. So naturally we each take out our SLR cameras and take pictures of the food instead of eating it. We’ve changed. We’ve become food paparazzi.

Nancy called this a nice 'stock photo.' I appreciate her brutal honesty

after some direction from nancy on lighting

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  1. hey i’m likin’ this photo ‘n blog thing.

  2. i like your spinach crepe photo better than mine also. your photos turned out well!!

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