This week it was Azif’s and Annelise’s birthday (but not together). At Azif’s birthday dinner, we were talking nostalgically about his birthday last year when I realize I don’t remember going to his birthday last year. I don’t think I was even invited, come to think of it.  Hmmph.

Anyways, the Himalayas people (I mean restaurant workers, not Himalayans- though they might be?) were really nice. When they brought out these rice noodle things for Azif, they said they noticed a yearnful look on my face so they brought some out for the rest of us too. Or maybe they were going to anyways and were just joshing. However, I think it’s for real as my parents have several childhood photos of me looking yearnfully at other people’s food.

Gina complimented Paul on his Tshirt. It said “You’re OK in my book” and on it is a print of “Book for Dummies.” I contemplate to myself how he and his wife are so height compatible with each other. She is not wearing a funny Tshirt. Somewhere during the night  Gina tells me I’m OK by Paul. Yay?

We confuse Seema by lying about where belly dancing originated from. This brings us back to Uday’s belly dancing skills. We compliment Aj on her shiny bracelet (want) and Gina for her new Lego watch (want). I didn’t want Paul to feel left out so I decided to compliment him too.

Me: I like your watch, Paul. It’s so…leathery.

Evan: Leathery?

Me: Leathery.

Evan: …Just like Grandfather’s face.

Me:  Hey! My grandfather’s skin is beautiful.

Evan: Brown and wrinkly…

Me (thoughtfully):  He’d make a great watch.

We pose for photos and the Himalayans bring out these hats for us. They hand one to Azif and one to me, and one to Evan. I find out later it’s a hat worn by males for weddings. I’m flattered.

We pose for photos. Seema goes to take the photo and tells me to take her place, so I do.  In the process, I get accidentally molested by Aj. And that is when Seema clicks the shutter.  Great timing, Seema. A moment captured for posterity. I may look like I’m laughing, but I’m actually crying. You can’t see my tears because of the distance.


Dhaval was not there as he was celebrating the anniversary of his engagement. What a sap.

They bring out a gulab whatever with a candle in it for Azif. And I feel a little sad because it’s one of the last get togethers before Uday and Seema move away. I’m also a little sad because I’m fatter than I thought. But more sad due to my friends moving away. Seema teaching us the sign langauge for bullshit is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s all because of this innocent matter-of-factness that is Seema. She was shocked the rest of us didn’t know it. And you have to admit, we’re a good looking group of friends…well, at least we’re multicultural.

we are a good looking group after all

Seema is not copping a feel.

I like how we’re crowding out the birthday boy.

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  1. OOH! Azif didnt call me for dinner.

    • whenever i call you for dinner you just happen to be ‘on call’

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