Me: I’m spending Mother’s day with the Bui’s!

Jennifer (jokingly): Don’t let mom know, she’ll be jealous.

Me: I’m part of the family. They’re so cool. And the Bui sisters are so fun!

Jennifer (suddenly jealous): What, do you mean we’re no fun?


Me: Ugh, I forgot my camera. I was going to take pictures.

Evan: Now we’ll never remember anything that happens today.


Gina: So I hear the softball team…

Me: Yeah, we’re…. we’re like the Mighty Ducks.

Gina (encouragingly): They win in the end

Me: We’re not there yet. We haven’t even reached the montage scene where we all work out and get better.

Gina: If only all it took was a montage…


Me: once I saw an owl but I thought it was rat because owls aren’t really bird shaped, you know?

Me: But then it flew away and I realized it wasn’t a rat.

Michelle: Good deduction skills there.

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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Anna was the encouraging one. I was being my usual not-helpful self.

    • i knew it sounded off

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