Spent the evening in the lounge with Gina, Shaheen, Sam , Scott and some nice guys I didn’t know (one’s name started with an ‘F’ and ended in ‘ahad’ I think). I was there because electricity went out in my home, but that was just an excuse to hang out. What can I say? I love the little boogers.

Shaheen waxed nostalgic on our last call night together, when we were all excited about placing EJ’s and she did the cougar man american idol thing. Then she asked me to do the chant dance that Sandra Bullock did on The Proposal. We did, and stopped when Sam started to film it. Then we started acting this out . That is a dance move. Hehehe.

Then we read the updates on the quote board. My new favorite is from the ER patient tracker (where it lists the complains the parents had written down as the reason for their visit, word for word). It said, “Fell off hore.”  It was supposed to be ‘horse.’

Angela: They just needed a safety rail.

Me: Sounds like they needed  a safety word.

How do I know about the world of swingers? Well, life, but I was mostly thinking of this clip. Just so you know what goes in my brain. Mostly SNL clips.

I gotta go to sleep soon, as I am working tomorrow. Work really interferes with my life.

JK, work is life. And pain is weakness leaving the body. One more year left to get rid of all that weakness.

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  1. Another posting blitz from Jasmine!

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