Went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3-D with Annie the Opthamol, Opthomologist the Eyeball doctor . All over the world, countless other people had more extreme fun plans for the night, but this was all the excitement we could handle on a rare Saturday night off. 3-D glasses!

All in all, I say go see this movie. A classic tale, adventure, action, a moral lesson. All in tolerable 3-D.  Watch it preferably at the Warren because they have those chocolate covered dinner mints there. Mmm!

The main dragon reminded me of my first dog, Youpi the German Shepherd. One scene in particular reminded me how when Youpi would eat, he’d first take a mouthful, come over to us and then leave some at our feet before sitting down  at his bowl and finishing the rest of his dog food.  It was weird, no one taught him that. He just did it out of the generosity of his heart (unless he was just trying to get us to taste the dog food in an attempt to get us to buy another brand). As he got older, he got lazier and would just toss some in our general direction, or he’d forget. Still, it was touching.

So the movie was good and it brought back some good memories for me. An evening well spent with an old friend. I give this Saturday 5 stars.

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  1. Ophthalmologist. I think.

    Moira used to do something remotely similar to what Youpi did. She’d sniff for a while at her bowl of food, grab a mouthful, and then come over right next to us to eat. She wouldn’t share though. Prior to that phase, she used to knock a bunch of the food out of the bowl and then clean up by eating all the spilled food.

    • Oh, I meant to add that what Moira was doing was not out of generosity. It was just a couple weird quirks.

  2. i just saw that movie this weekend and i LOVED it!! i gotta say, though, it was mainly because of all of the prosthetics in the movie. in a way, the whole premise of the movie was the prosthetic fin that the boy made for the dragon. beautiful!! yay.

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