The night Mehwish got shot…….

By Azif Safarulla

It was 0315 in the morning when I got the call on the PICU phone that my colleague was having some difficulty. To my dismay, I saw her leaning forward against the wall and really hoarse. She was pointing towards her throat and telling me that she was having trouble breathing. We rushed through the ER doors and approached the ever accomadating ER team headed by Dr.Nielsen (“and Jasmine!”- jasmine). We immediately got her checked in and gave a breath of racemic epi which was literally her ” breath” to recovery followed by her “SHOT” of Dexa at a classified location (I cud tell u but then She will murder me and then u).

It was interesting to see the roles reversed and the proverbial red tape to get immediate treatment in a children’s ER for a resident who works her butt off at the same hospital.


Jasmine’s part

Let me add that we are grateful to Kindra and Nielsen for doing most of the work and being totally cool and letting Mehwish’s friends sit with her during this time. It was, like, omg, sooo fun. We talked about how one of us should get croup every call night so we could hang out. Radical idea, eh?

Also, guess who got to write Mehwish’s H&P? Me! And I was totally deserving of this honor. No one else could have written as well as I did. So I want to give a special thanks to me, for being so awesome.

A sample of the HPI here

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  1. Man, I missed out on some excitement!

    • Me (showing laura haws a picture of the tracker with mehwish’s name on it)
      Laura: What?! Poor baby! How did this happen to her?
      Dr. Dupuis: Wait..ya’ll took a picture of your friend while she was sick? You guys are the worst friends ever!
      Laura: It’s just a picture of the tracker
      Me: Umm, actually, we took pictures of her too.
      Dupuis: Worst friends ever.

  2. The crazy part is that Mehwish then WENT BACK TO WORK. What does it take to get a sick day around here?

    • her “reason” for that was it would be better to stay in the hospital in case she needed another treatment, and so while she was there, she might has well drop a transpyloric or two, and some other patient care stuff.

    • You must admit though that Mehwish is CRAZY. She’s notorious for staying til 9 or 10 when she’s on short call.

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