Just got back from softball practice! I hurt already…and I mainly played catcher. Is this how rhabdomyolysis feels?

We have a fun group. Curtis was there and he showed me how to hit. I felt like a 5 yr old boy with my oversized glove and poor hand-eye coordination.

It was just nice to be outdoors, get some Vitamin D. We were in Stars and Stripes park and it’s nice, right next to Lake Hefner.

Sadie was there in a cute 1-up shirt. Erin and heath were there too. Erin has this girly scream for catching and hitting the ball.  Fun times.

After being outdoors I get hungry, and I just finished a meal that I’m pretty sure was meant for a family of 4. I meant to have leftovers but no…I kept eating. I wonder if the calories burnt will equal out. I hope so. Probably not.

Curtis: This bat is a bit long for the girls.

Bransen: I have a smaller bat in the trunk of my car. Want me to go get it?

Curtis: Depends, does it have blood on it?

Bransen: I cleaned it off with chlorine.

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  1. something about the name curtis (makes me think of a young boy) and the mention of a 5-year-old made me wonder if this was your new avenue of meeting new young boys to take advantage of, again. like when you took fencing.

    (diclaimer: jasmine is not a predator. it’s just a joke. when we were in san antonio she took fencing and at least one or two of the boys developed a crush on her. one even asked her to the prom.)

    • That was when I realized I wanted to go into pediatrics.

      JK. There goes my career.

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