I got a phone call from my dad, which is rare. Luckily Jennifer already called me ahead of time so I knew what he wanted to talk about.

Dad: Your mom got mad at me last night.

Me: I know, Jennifer told me. But let me hear your side again.

Dad: Last night I told your mom I really cared for her, and she got mad at me! She said I was cheap and brought up an argument from 20 years ago!

Me: Well at least we know she still has her memory.

Dad: But that’s nuts! And today I called her and she she says I’m greedy and cheap and then hung up on me! That’s not what families do! This is not a good family.

Me: But Dad, you guys always get over it by the end of the day. That’s what families do. One person gets mad over something dumb, and there’s talk, and then things are forgiven. Everyone does it. Auntie Tanh gets mad at Uncle Tung, Auntie Thuy gets mad at Uncle Tu, Michelle Obama gets mad at Barack Obama…

Dad: I hope not! Not like this. I feel like I’m in a crazy house.

Me:  Look, my point is by the end of today this will be over. I know it. And there’s no sense in losing any more of your hair or getting your blood pressure up for it when we know it’ll be fine soon.

Dad: Oh yeah, I forgot my blood pressure medicine today.

Me: See? Don’t get your blood pressure up!

Dad: Ok, I take my medication now. Bye!

and…I was right.

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