Of karaoke

So I admit…I lapsed in completing my educational videos for NICU and Newborn. I decided to do them all at once.

Do you know what several hours of newborn videos and articles in a row can do to a person? I forgot to shower.  I became too numb to get up to eat.

Finally, zombie-like, I ventured out to see my friends Christa and Amanda. They threw a jam session. Christa on the piano, Amanda on the guitar, and me, well, I got a paper clip holder to shake.

It only had one paper clip in it though -a bottle of pills can keep better time. .Amanda writes songs and has a recording studio in her home, so they sounded good anyways.

 I went home and felt like trying to play something. I printed out my two favorite songs I’ve always wanted to play… Tom Wait’s “I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love With You” and Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” After about ten minutes on my own keyboard, I gave up, played “Heart and Soul” to make myself feel better, and went online in search of karaoke.

Year ago there was an online karaoke site, singstar.com. Steve, Brian, and I recorded songs on there and applauded each other for not sounding horrifying.

 I would always get bored with a song halfway and do something weird. One song I made entirely in dolphin noises, but Brian didn’t think that was funny. 

What I liked best about the site was you could have webcam recordings.  My mom and I would record stuff. It’d be her checking herself out on the computer screen, leaving to cook dinner, then randomly popping up again to wave into the camera, maybe share some odd piece of wisdom.

But sadly they took the site down and I never got to keep those little videos with those mom cameos.

KaraokeParty.com doesn’t have that video capability, but you can record up to 3 songs for free, as long as you have a microphone. I tried to get Daniel to be Jay-Z and I’d be Rhianna, but he couldn’t, some excuse about no sound on his computer, and then lots of laughter. Sigh.

Side note: definitely keeping my day job. I sound like I need lots of Nasonex. If you join let me know so I can add you as a buddy.

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