The week of celebrations continues. Saturday was Abby’s birthday, but I missed it due to not writing things down in a calendar. Steph did post a funny picture of Abby planting her face into the cake. I remember last year she was so sleepy by the end she was sort of nodding off while shoveling cake in with her hands.

The weather was great. Aj and I went over to Annelise’s for a meal that had been promised but repeatedly post-poned throughout the month. I had my first parsnip that I know of and I liked it. I also like milk fortifier, but  the parsnips were universally good and not just ‘me and paul being weird’ good.

Annelise made us fresh orange juice, teriyaki salmon and a raspberry cream layered dessert. And then we watched some youtube videos, my favorite being this one.

Then we drove to Pops on Route 66. I have a place to take visitors now. We all got a cream soda and mine was really good (Virgils is the name). A good vanilla taste with a butterscotch finish (Jason and I aren’t into alcohol, so  we grew up as connoisseurs  of  ginger ale and sodas).  I wonder if I can get kegs of this for the next get together.

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  1. looks like you had a fun bday party!! it’s funny that they actually put 30 candles on your cake. that’s a lotta fire. and nice pics of gina.

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