This past week was a series of celebrations.  My parents came up and I told them I didn’t want to do anything. So they started cooking and told me either I invite people over immediately or else I’d have to eat all of the stuff they made by myself. So I rounded up the usual suspects I knew would be able to drop by on short notice. It turned out to be just the right amount of people to food ratio.

I made everyone play Puzzle fighter without explaining to them the rules. Gina, Evan and Kelly were the best at the games, being the gamers of the group. Kelly bought me a cute birthday card about cows. I like cows.

Aj said that my mom looked young, late 40s perhaps, and that I should tell her that so Aj would be her favorite. Mehwish then declared that my mom looked 30-which was the age I was turning, and how old my mom was when she had me. So maybe to Mehwish  I look like the age of a blastocyst.

Mehwish had to leave early, and my mom said “See you soon!” and then softly to herself, “I don’t know when…”

Azif came late because he stopped to buy ice cream.  My mom told me she could immediately tell he was a rascal. I guess my mom has good intuition, because all he did was bring in ice cream. Well, he also made some inappropriate comments but I’m pretty sure she didn’t listen/understand so that wouldn’t have tipped her off.

All in all it was fun. Mom only called Gina “Tina” once (it happens waaay more often on the phone) and managed to not call Aj the “little Pakistani friend’, which is mom’s usual name for her.

My parents looked at all the empty dishes and pans at the end of the day and lovingly compared my friends to a swarm of locusts. Really, they were happy I knew such nice people up here and that all their cooking was appreciated.

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