Darn it. I forgot a lot of stuff that happened in March. I was going to write it all in one post, because the main point of this blog is for when I get old and have Alzheimers. Then James Garner can read me bits of my blog to remind me of my glory days, just like in “The Notebook.” So…here is my regurgitaiton of March.

Gina and I have made it through a lot of the question book for the board exam. But Ludwig reminded me we only have three months til we take the inservice exam again. Three months!!!  Gina has updated my kitchen calendar and so we’re continuing on track.

Let’s see, what else…It’s been a fun rotation. The first week we were treated to gourmet cupcakes that I suspect were poisoned. We didn’t die though, so I guess we’re immune to whatever chemical was in there.

Adrienne’s hubby gave me a copy of his heme-onc med notes. It is the key to becoming the best heme-onc doctor ever.

Courtney has been working on my hair this whole month, cumulating to  a supercool  makeover on my birthday. I really liked the hot rollers because they make my head feel toasty. It was a whole afternoon of pampering! This may or may not have happened during work. We may or may not have short-circuited part of the room.

We all had several extra days off, which I wish I had used more wisely. We bonded via Words for Friends.

Matt Jared was our family med intern. He was my med student during my first ward rotation as an intern. It was a very  touching moment when I saw he had finally grown into an upper level.  I could almost hear someone singing the “Circle of Life” off in the distance.

Aj and I went to the Melting Pot one night because we were hungry and wanted fancy food. The waiter quickly caught on that we didn’t care for the usual schmaltzy talk (“Hi. Can we have all the food out now? We’re really hungry. No, it’s not a girl’s night out. We just left work and we’re just really really hungry”). I think that killed his spirit, as he served the food listlessly after that. Aj made up a dessert she called the “Heaven bar”. I wanted to call it “Melting Pot Leftovers covered in chocolate,” but I guess truth in advertising isn’t popular. Imagine a chocolate bar with marshmallows, strawberries, and a piece of cheesecake in it. That was the Heaven Bar. It was pretty darn good.

I finally got to work with Annelise for the last two weeks of newborn. We had big plans for going to Pops out on Route 66, a land of many sodas. But we haven’t yet. And this makes me sad.  I enjoy listening to Annelise’s accent. Dr. Wells chided me for making fun though, after I pronounced ‘bottle’ as ‘boht-el’ during rounds.

Went to the Medieval festival with Gina, Evan, Anna and Michelle. It was rainy and freezing (“My instincts are telling me to seek shelter”).  We were all getting tired, and I pointed out that falling asleep what happens when you freeze to death. Evan made a joke about me seeing my Vietnamese ancestors in my final vision. Only my ancestors would be wearing kilts, as there was Celtic music playing at the fair in the background.

Despite the weather, we  did get to enjoy funnel cake. I bought a glass pen set with several colors of ink and it looks distinguished if I do say so myself.  Daniel was at the fair, and I was forced to hang out with him after the festival in my damp freezing clothes. I got sick shortly thereafter.

There are some things that are horrible when puking up, like sushi.  Funnel cake  however, is not so bad.

Alas, on that unfortunate note I must end, as it is time to sleep.

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  1. I find your comments hurtful.

    • You didn’t share your microbrewed cream soda with me.

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